‘UNDER THE BUS’: Baltimore Police Officers ‘Afraid to Make Arrests,’ Say ‘Not Supported’ by Officials

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.26.19

The escalating gun crisis sweeping Baltimore showed no signs of slowing down over the weekend, with a new study saying police officers are increasingly “afraid to make arrests” and have “no support” from city officials.

“Many Baltimore police officers say making an arrest can be nerve-racking — because they feel overburdened by documenting even necessary force, they worry they will be harshly punished for their actions and they don’t feel supported by commanders — according to a recent report,” writes the Washington Post.

“I don’t feel pride for having 20 uses of force,” said an unidentified officer. “Now, I am afraid to arrest anyone because I don’t want to have so many uses of force [documented] against me.”

“The report was based on eight focus groups of sworn personnel from all three shifts over a three-day period in May. They comprised 40 patrol officers, nine detectives, 10 sergeants and nine lieutenants. The officers were asked about community relations, use of force, the consent decree, leadership and staffing, and areas for improvement,” adds the Post.

The City of Baltimore is also considering the deployment of surveillance aircraft to crackdown on crime and gun violence across the beleaguered city.

“The surveillance plane that flew over Baltimore could be making a comeback,” reports CBS Baltimore. “The owner of Persistent Surveillance Systems said Tuesday he is meeting with Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison next week.”

“The current mayor has said if the police commissioner wants it, he should be allowed to have it,” McNutt told WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren. “We hope that when the commissioner sees what we do, and how effective we are, that he would be very supportive of it.”

“We’ve approached the Civilian Review Board to make sure that we are living within our very strict privacy policy,” McNutt said.

“Our objective is to reduce major crime by 20-30 percent within the first year. When you look at the numbers, that’s 70 to 100 people not being murdered,” McNutt said. “We would see most of the murders in Baltimore from the plane. You don’t have to solve them all because it’s a small number of people who are committing the vast majority of them, and if we can remove that small number, we can have a dramatic impact on crime.”

Read the full report at the Washington Post.

BALTIMORE BACKLASH: Police Commissioner ‘Apologizes’ for ‘200 Years’ of Brutality

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.20.18

Baltimore’s Police Commissioner shocked local residents and the nation Thursday when he “apologized” for “200 years” of police brutality; sparking a fierce backlash from a region struggling to contain escalating gun violence.

Commissioner Darryl De Sousa addressed the crowd at a sold-out Hip Hop concert this week, asking the audience for just “20 seconds” to beg forgiveness for “all the things that the police have done.”

“I want to take about 20 seconds to apologize for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years,” said De Sousa.

“Two hundred years ago, all the way to civil rights. All the way to the ’80s where crack was prevalent in the cities and it affected disproportionately African-American men. All the way to the ’90s. All the way to the 2000’s when we had zero tolerance,” he added.

The President of Baltimore’s Police Union slammed the Commissioner’s comments late Thursday night, saying it was not “appropriate.”

“I’m not sure that a blanket apology covering 200 years is appropriate. Law enforcement was created to protect and serve the citizenry despite race and that is what we strive to do, daily,” the union added.

BERNIE SOUNDS OFF: Sanders Responds to Trump’s Baltimore Comment, Says his ‘Racism Never Ends’

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.29.19

2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders slammed “racist” Donald Trump Monday after the President posted comments the Senator made in 2015; calling Baltimore a “third world country” after touring the city.

“Trump’s lies and racism never end,” posted Sanders on Twitter. “While I have been fighting to lift the people of Baltimore and elsewhere out of poverty with good paying jobs, housing and health care, he has been attacking workers and the poor.”

President Trump called-out Bernie Sanders and the mainstream media Monday; saying the Democratic Socialist should be labeled “a racist” after referring to Baltimore as a “third world country.”

“Crazy Bernie Sanders recently equated the City of Baltimore to a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY! Based on that statement, I assume that Bernie must now be labeled a Racist, just as a Republican would if he used that term and standard!” Trump tweeted.

“The fact is, Baltimore can be brought back, maybe even to new heights of success and glory, but not with King Elijah and that crew. When the leaders of Baltimore want to see the City rise again, I am in a very beautiful oval shaped office waiting for your call!” he added.

The President is referring to comments Sanders made in 2015.

“Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you’re in a wealthy nation,” Sanders said during a visit to the city’s West Baltimore section in 2015, the Baltimore Sun reported. “You would think that you were in a Third World country.”

“We’re talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable,” he added

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