PROMISE KEPT: Mike Pompeo Unveils NEW SANCTIONS on Iran, Cites ‘Nuclear and Missile’ Programs

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.22.19

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unveiled a series of crippling new sanctions on Iran Friday; citing the country’s ongoing “nuclear and missile” programs and blasting the regime’s “growing influence” in the region.

“The Trump administration announced Friday that it is slapping new sanctions on more than two dozen Iranian individuals involved in the country’s nuclear and missile research programs, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced Iran’s growing influence,” reports Fox News.

“Individuals working for Iran’s proliferation-related programs—including scientists, procurement agents, and technical experts—should be aware of the reputational and financial risk they expose themselves to by working for Iran’s nuclear program,” said Pompeo in a written statement.

The sanctions come less than 24 hours after President Trump officially recognized the disputed Golan Heights as “sovereign” Israeli territory; ending decades of confusion after the region was annexed by the Jewish State in 1981.

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