LEVIN ON FIRE: 'Putin Didn’t Invade When Trump was Prez Because He Respected and Feared Him'

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.14.22

During his show Life, Liberty & Levin this weekend, Fox News host Mark Levin torched the Biden Administration’s weakness in its response to Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine and reinforced the fact that Putin didn’t try this under President Trump because “he respected and feared Donald Trump.”

Excerpts from Levin below; watch full clip above:

As you watch and I sit here, Vladimir Putin’s thugs are committing war crimes and atrocities at his direction. And in fact, as far as Vladimir Putin is concerned, they are not committing enough war crimes and atrocities because only then does he believe that they can take Ukraine and take Ukraine quicker than he can right now.

Biden likes to say bottom up and middle out when it comes to the economy. Nobody really knows what he is talking about, but I want to use that in the military context with Putin.

What Putin means by bottom up in middle out is: I want to kill as many of their citizens as I can in Ukraine, starting with the babies and the women to make it so atrocious, so horrific, so inhumane that the government will finally hand me these cities in hand me the country and hand me the entire society, so I can finally get what I want, Ukraine. And then from there, I intend to move. I intend to move beyond that.

Now, how do we know he intends to move beyond it? Because he told us. He spoke about it and wrote about it last summer.

What is it what these analysts don’t understand? That this is just the beginning when it comes to Vladimir Putin.

Now, we keep hearing the word “escalation.” We don’t want to escalate things. War crimes are one thing, genocide is another, but we can escalate beyond that.

Putin hears this, his lap dog, Lavrov, he hears this the Foreign Minister, they all hear it. So, what do they do? They increase their threats and the nature of their threats. Because they hear us talking about: Well, we fear escalation. What he doesn’t hear us talking about is deterrence.

Deterrence. Peace through strength is about deterrence.

What you’re hearing from this administration is passivity, is weakness. That’s what Putin is hearing. That’s what Xi is hearing. That’s what Tehran is hearing. That is what they’re all hearing.

Why do you think they attacked in the first place?

And so he waves around the idea of nuclear weapons. We know he has nuclear weapons. The Soviet Union has had nuclear weapons, now Russia, for over half a century, so have we. Why didn’t they use those nuclear weapons if we dare to be involved in facilitating the delivery of MiG 29 old jets to the Ukrainians? Okay, so only modern missile systems, mobile missile systems can be conveyed. It doesn’t even make any sense.

And if Putin wanted to use nuclear weapons, well, why doesn’t he use them? If he is that much of a nut. If he is that much over the edge, he doesn’t need to wait for “provocation,” quote-unquote, or “escalation” quote- unquote, and have we escalated anything?

He invaded a sovereign country. He invaded a country that his country has an agreement with in 1994 to help protect their sovereignty if they give up their nukes. There are no nukes there. There has been a phony story about American biotech centers there to develop weapons and so forth. And, of course, the Putin wing of the Republican Party and the Putin wing of the media and the Putin wing of the Democratic Party, they are all over it.

Now, those are old Soviet locations that the United States has located and has been trying to deal with. We are not developing biochemical weapons in the Ukraine. What is it about these so-called American Firsters in the end who are really American lasters, if you think about it?

You see these pictures of the babies being killed. You see a maternity ward hospital attacked. That was targeted attack, 600 beds there. That’s one of the biggest hospitals they have. Why?

They target a nuclear power plant. Oh, Mark, you believe those stories they attacked — they attacked it. That’s why the Ukrainians gave it up because the Ukrainians didn’t want a nuclear response. That’s why.

But would Putin use nuclear weapons against the United States? Well, what is he waiting for? He is waiting for MiG 29s to be given to the Ukrainian pilots? Through Germany? That’s what would trigger the launching of nuclear weapons? Not cutting off as oil? Not ground-to-air missiles?

I mean, come on, folks. This is the problem.

So we get this word “escalation.” It would be viewed as an escalation.

The same damn Generals in the United States Department of Defense, the same Joint Chiefs of Staff, the same President of the United States, the same Vice President of the United States, the same Secretary of Defense who surrendered in Afghanistan. The same Secretary of State who surrendered all leverage we had with the President of the United States with Putin prior to him invading.

The same Secretary of State and President, who is effectively — are effectively arming the Iranians with nuclear weapons as I speak. They are the ones who are afraid: Oh, we don’t want to escalate. Escalate? It’s deterrence, ladies and gentlemen.

Our enemy see we are weak. Our enemy see the budget that the Democrats originally put up under Biden, which flat lines the United States military, while spending enormous amounts of sums, historic amounts of sums on everything else. They see it.

And then I love these analysts who go, “We can’t escalate, Mark.” What are you talking about? The MiG 29s. We don’t want to drag NATO into this.

You know what, ladies and gentlemen, I really do miss the Reagan days and the Trump days. We never thought this way. We never talked this way.

The reason Putin didn’t invade Ukraine when Donald Trump was President is because he respected and feared Donald Trump. That’s why deterrence.

Trump increased the military spending. He talked NATO into increasing their spending, even though he was attacked as a Russian operative who was undermining NATO. No, he was fed up with NATO because they wouldn’t spend the money they needed to defend themselves.

Iran? Iran didn’t — in a pot — if you get my drift, because they feared Trump because Trump was destroying Iran. He choked Iran. Missile man, little rocket man over there in North Korea, he was behaving himself, too. We can go on and on and on.

For all the attacks on Donald Trump, the man was a foreign policy genius, was he not? Sorry, John Bolton, you really blew it.

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