CNN SNOWFLAKE: Jim Acosta Blames TRUMP for ‘TOXIC’ Media Coverage

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.24.18

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta took his all-out war with the Trump administration to a new level this week; slamming the White House for creating a “toxic environment” between the media and the President.

In a recent interview published in Variety, the left-leaning reporter blasted the President for labeling his organization “fake news,” adding many of Trump’s supporters viewed the network as “the enemy of the people.”

“There is that natural tension that exists between the press and the people we were covering, but it was never like this,” Acosta says. “We were never called ‘fake news.’ We were never called ‘the enemy of the people,’ and that just created a totally different climate and environment that we are all trying to make sense of and trying to figure out: How do we cover the news in that kind of toxic environment?”

“It’s part of the environment we’re in right now where every action is going to be put through the conservative meat grinder,” he added.

Read the full interview here.