BRAIN FREEZE: UN Climate Predictions Are ‘INCONSISTENT’ With Actual Temperatures

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.24.18

Climate change crusader Al Gore got more bad news this week after a new report showed UN climate predictions were not “consistent” with actual weather; prompting scientists to wonder why global temperatures aren’t rising as quickly as predicted.

The study, published by the American Meteorological Society, question the United Nation’s official survey on global warming; adding that the international body’s predictions of higher temperatures were not measured around the globe.

The report finds “multicentennial or multidecadal future warming under increasing forcing of only 55−70% of the mean warming simulated by CMIP5 models” predicted by the UN.

“These results imply that high ECS and [transient climate response] values derived from a majority of CMIP5 climate models are inconsistent with observed warming during the historical period,” adds the author.

Former Vice President Al Gore took his climate crusade to the next level this week, urging Congress to block Mike Pompeo from Secretary of State because of his history of “climate denial.”

h/t Daily Caller