CNN SNOWFLAKE: Jim Acosta Blames DINNER DISASTER on… Donald Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.30.18

CNN senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta weighed-in on the disastrous White House Correspondent’s dinner over the weekend; bizarrely blaming President Trump for the controversial evening despite the fact he wasn’t even there.

Acosta slammed the Commander-in-Chief on social media just hours after the ‘dirty dinner,’ saying his “problem” with the event wasn’t the “comedian who told some nasty jokes” but rather the President himself.

“My problem with last night’s dinner is not that we had a comedian who told some nasty jokes. It’s that we did not really address the nearly constant attacks on the press from the president. The dinner should change with the times so we send a strong message to the world. #WHCD,” he tweeted.

The President himself blasted the disastrous event, calling the dinner a total “embarrassment” for all involved and saying the annual ceremony should be canceled or re-invented.