CHUCK CHICKEN: Carlson Calls Schumer 'Coward' for Refusing to Appear on His Show

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.18.22

On Tuesday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sent a letter to Fox News executives imploring them to “immediately cease the reckless amplification of the so-called ‘Great Replacement theory’ on your network’s broadcasts.” Schumer was referring to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

CNN’s resident egg shared the letter on Twitter.

Schumer also attacked Carlson on the Senate floor, saying “Every time MAGA Republicans or pundits vilify wrongly immigrants and call them invaders … Every time they falsely claim that millions of undocumented people cast ballots in our elections … Every time loud bigoted voices bemoan the disintegration of an imagined ‘classic’ America …The subtext is clear: these hard-right MAGA Republicans argue that people of color and minority communities are somehow posing a threat — a threat — to the American way of life.”

“And let’s be clear: it’s a message that has also found a special home in several right-wing outlets, and on one cable news channel in particular: Fox News,” he continued. “In a craven quest for viewers and ratings, organizations like Fox News have spent years perfecting the craft of stoking cultural grievance and political resentment that eerily mirrors the messages found in Replacement Theory.”

Carlson invited Schumer on his show to discuss the matter —but Schumer declined.

“.@TuckerCarlson invited me on his show tonight to debate the letter I sent to @FoxNews. I’m declining. Tucker Carlson needs to stop promoting the racist, dangerous ‘Replacement Theory’.”

Carlson responded on his show Tuesday night.

“Schumer is sending a letter to our bosses here at Fox News blaming this show for the mass murder in Buffalo as well as several other mass shootings in recent years.”

“According to Chuck Schumer, this show spreads ‘dangerous rhetoric’ and needs to be pulled of the air immediately in the name of public safety. Now again, Chuck Schumer is a federal official; he is the leading Democrat in the United States Senate, and he is calling for media censorship,” Carlson said.

“Now there was a time, like maybe 18 months ago, when that would be considered a direct violation of the First Amendment. Now we hear it every day: ‘Let’s throw them in jail,’” he added.

“We wanted to hear more from Chuck Schumer about this; we invited him on the show tonight, as we always do,  and because he is a coward, this is the only media appearance probably in history he’s turned down,” Carlson stated.

Watch the clip below:

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