CAKE WAR: Colorado Baker Says State ‘TARGETING’ His Religious Freedom, DEFYING Supreme Court

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.16.18

The Colorado baker who is suing the state for “defying” a Supreme Court ruling earlier this year slammed the Colorado Civil Rights Commission Thursday, saying the organization was again targeting his business over a “transgender transition” celebration.

Baker Jack Phillips -who won a Supreme Court decision that upheld his religious freedom in denying certain customers service- claims the state’s Commission is harassing his business after he refused to bake a cake that he believes violates his faith.

In an op-ed piece published in USA Today, Phillips states “the state is contradicting what it told the Supreme Court in my prior case. The government said that I can decline to create custom cakes with pro-LGBT designs or themes, announcing in no uncertain terms that I am free ‘to decline to sell cakes with ‘pro-gay’ designs or inscriptions.’”

“Yet the cake requested in the new case obviously had a pro-LGBT design. The person who requested it even recognized that the design was intended to represent and celebrate a gender transition. The inconsistency between what the state told the Supreme Court and what it is doing to me now shows the government’s real policy: No matter the circumstances, I must be punished,” he adds.

Read his full response here.