VENEZUELA CRISIS: Maduro Says ‘Murder Plot’ Failed, Vows ‘Ruthless’ Crackdown on Political Opponents

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.27.19

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro claims the government thwarted a “coup” against his regime Wednesday; vowing to carry-out a “ruthless” crackdown on his political opponents across the impoverished country.

“Venezuela’s socialist government said Wednesday it had derailed a coup bid, claiming the United States, Colombia and Chile colluded in a military plot to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro and install a general and former defense minister in his place,” reports Yahoo News.

“We were in all the meetings to plan the coup d’Etat. We were in all the conferences,” claimed Maduro, saying his spies infiltrated the assassination attempt.

“We would be ruthless in a revolutionary counteroffensive against an attempted fascist coup – ruthless!” he added.

The socialist country continues to struggle with out-of-control inflation and widespread food shortages across the nation.

The Central Bank of Venezuela was forced to issue massive new denominations of their currency last month; with “ultra-inflation” rendering the socialist country’s money near “worthless.”

“Venezuela is releasing new banknotes for the second time in less than a year, the central bank said on Wednesday, after hyperinflation eroded the effects of an August 2018 monetary overhaul meant to improve availability of cash,” writes the Guardian.

“Banknotes of 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 bolívar denominations will begin circulating on Thursday to ‘make the payment system more efficient and facilitate commercial transactions, the central bank said in statement,” adds the report.

The largest bank note of 50,000 bolivars is more than the 40,000 monthly minimum wage and is equivalent to $8.

CARACAS UPRISING: Maduro Says ‘Military Traitors’ Attempting a Coup in Venezuela’s Capital

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.30.19

Venezuela’s socialist government confirmed Tuesday that a group of “military traitors” were actively attempting to overthrow Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Caracas; saying opposition leader Juan Guaido is currently in the capital surrounded by a group of “men in uniform.”

The President of Colombia threw his full support behind Guado hours after violence erupted just miles from Maduro’s residence; saying “We call the military and the people of #Venezuela to be on the right side of history, rejecting the dictatorship and usurpation of Maduro; uniting in search of freedom, democracy and institutional reconstruction, headed by @AsambleaVE and the President @jguaido.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

IN THE DARK: Blackouts Now Impacting 91% of Venezuela, NO INTERNET, Maduro Blames the US

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.27.19

Nationwide blackouts continue to cripple Venezuela this week as outside groups now believe 91% of the once oil-rich nation is without internet access; raising serious questions over the safety and security of citizens across the country.

“Another massive, nationwide blackout struck Venezuela early Wednesday just as service was gradually being restored from two days of intermittent service,” reports Yahoo News. “The group calculates that 91 percent of Venezuela has lost connection to Internet.”

Socialist President Nicolas Maduro continues to blame his country’s infrastructure problems on the United States; accusing Washington of launching “electrical warfare” against Venezuela.

The disastrous blackouts are making the daily lives of Venezuela’s residents nearly impossible; shutting down mass transit and making hospitals and other emergency services largely unusable.

Read the full report at Yahoo News.

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