TRUMP TRAIN: Israel Seeks to Name WESTERN WALL Station After President Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.02.18

The Mayor of Jerusalem announced his support for naming a major Israeli train station in honor of President Trump this week; commending the Commander-in-Chief and his administration for officially recognizing the holy city as the “eternal capital” of the Jewish People.

Mayor Nir Barkat was speaking with MSNBC when he was asked to comment on news reports that surfaced last year, suggesting Israel would name a prominent rail hub near the Western Wall after Trump following his decision to relocate the US embassy.

“There was a news report late last year that the train station near the Western Wall was going to be named after Donald Trump. Is that actually happening?” asked the left-leaning news outlet.

“It’s too early, but we would like to recognize President Trump, and commend him and thank him for what he’s done,” said Barkat. “For the fact that he’s moving the embassy, and the deep recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people.”

“We will seriously consider it, it’s a process, but we’ll seriously consider this,” he added.

Watch the Jerusalem mayor’s comments above.