THIS IS CNN: Network's ANTI-TRUMP POLLING Barely Includes Republican Voters

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.27.18

The anti-Trump hysteria at CNN was on full-display this week, with the cable news network claiming the President’s approval rating was at a record low; ignoring the fact the media outlet’s methodology harshly favored liberal-leaning politicians.

CNN published a story this week asserting the President’s poll numbers reached a record low of 35% heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

The network failed to disclose their survey only included 23% of Republican voters.

According to the Daily Caller -which received a full transcript of CNN’s methodology behind the poll- the network spoke with 1,016 adults between Feb 20-23 of this year; the make-up includes 33% who identify as Democrats, 44% independents, and just 23% self-described Republicans.

The survey defies nationwide polling that suggests approximately 40% of Americans identify as Republicans, meaning CNN’s figures may drastically under-represent the President’s actual approval rating among average Americans.

Other polls, such as Rasmussen Reports, shows the Commander-in-Chief enjoying above-average job approval, with recent data showing 50% of likely voters approve of the President’s performance.

TRUMP BUMP: President’s APPROVAL RATING SOARS After State of the Union

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.02.18

President Trump’s approval ratings popped to their highest levels since March of 2017 this week, with the American public supporting the Commander-in-Chief’s agenda following his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night.

According to a new Rasmussen report, the President’s daily-tracking data shows 49% of likely US voters approve of Trump’s job performance, rising to numbers higher than Election Day 2016 -when the President had a 46.1 approval rating.

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows President Trump making substantial gains after Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, and achieving his highest voter approval since March 7, 2017,” says the poll.

The poll shows that 35% of registered voters “strongly approve” of the President’s agenda; likely fueled by strong economic growth and record-shattering stock market figures.

“Rasmussen was among the few national polls that accurately predicted the election outcome which vaulted Trump to power,” writes the Daily Mail.

“Unlike other polls that ask questions in live telephone interviews, it relies on push-button phone calls – meaning voters who like Trump’s performance in office aren’t required to say so out loud to another person,” the author adds.

TRUMP BUMP: The President’s Approval POPS TO 50% as Economy Soars

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.23.18

President Trump’s approval rating continues to rise following his well-received State of the Union address and the wildly popular GOP tax cuts; with new polls showing the Commander-in-Chief’s job performance rating rising to 50%.

The new data from Rasmussen Reports shows that 50% of likely American voters approve of the President’s performance; the highest levels seen since June of last year.

In contrast, former President Barack Obama enjoyed a 45% approval rating at the same time in his presidency.

The poll also shows 34% of Americans “strongly approve” of the President’s performance with 49% disapproving.

The strong results come after months of GOP successes and Democratic failures; with the Republican party passing significant tax cuts and liberal legislators taking the heat for a disastrous government shutdown over DACA.

The data also shows the President’s approval is largely tied to the US economic recovery; with Americans feeling the benefits of higher wages and yearly bonuses after Trump signed the sweeping tax overhaul into law.

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