THIS IS CNN: Network's ANTI-TRUMP POLLING Barely Includes Republican Voters

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.27.18

The anti-Trump hysteria at CNN was on full-display this week, with the cable news network claiming the President’s approval rating was at a record low; ignoring the fact the media outlet’s methodology harshly favored liberal-leaning politicians.

CNN published a story this week asserting the President’s poll numbers reached a record low of 35% heading into the 2018 midterm elections.

The network failed to disclose their survey only included 23% of Republican voters.

According to the Daily Caller -which received a full transcript of CNN’s methodology behind the poll- the network spoke with 1,016 adults between Feb 20-23 of this year; the make-up includes 33% who identify as Democrats, 44% independents, and just 23% self-described Republicans.

The survey defies nationwide polling that suggests approximately 40% of Americans identify as Republicans, meaning CNN’s figures may drastically under-represent the President’s actual approval rating among average Americans.

Other polls, such as Rasmussen Reports, shows the Commander-in-Chief enjoying above-average job approval, with recent data showing 50% of likely voters approve of the President’s performance.