THE MUELLER EFFECT: Support for Impeachment Among Dems DROPS After Mueller’s Disastrous Testimony

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.02.19

Support for impeachment among registered Democrats dropped in the immediate aftermath of Robert Mueller’s disastrous testimony; throwing more cold-water on far-left lawmakers’ push to remove Trump from office.

“Support for impeachment proceedings against President Trump has slipped among Democratic voters following special counsel Robert Mueller’s public testimony before Congress last week, according to a poll released on Thursday,” reports The Hill.

“The Hill-HarrisX survey found 67 percent of Democratic voters support impeachment proceedings against Trump, marking a four-point drop from an identical poll that was conducted in May,” adds the article.

The survey comes days after Mueller appeared on Capitol Hill to face questions over his handling of the two-year Russia-Collusion investigation.

The New York Post Editorial Board labeled the six-hour event a “total waste of everyone’s time.”

“By all accounts, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hoped that dragging in former special counsel Bob Mueller for a hearing would jump-start his drive to get going on impeachment. Oops: It was a total waste of time,” writes the Editorial Board. “Mueller made it clear long in advance that he didn’t want to testify, and wouldn’t talk about anything except what was in his report. He even got the Justice Department to issue a guidance instructing him to keep to his preferred limits.”

“What did we learn? Nothing. What’s the impact? Nothing. If Nadler was hoping to get Democrats and their voters energized about impeachment, he’ll surely be disappointed. And we’re no closer to knowing how much this long investigation relied on opposition research by Hillary Clinton and dirty tricks by intelligence operatives appalled by Donald Trump,” adds the Post.

Sen. Lindsey Graham weighed-in Wednesday afternoon on Robert Mueller’s “confusing and sad” testimony before Congress; calling his behavior “dangerous and ridiculous.”

“Wow. Robert Mueller changing the job of a prosecutor from proving someone ‘Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt’ to ‘Not being able to exonerate someone accused of a crime.’ Dangerous and ridiculous. Thus far Mueller completely contradicts what he told AG Barr about the reason not to proceed on the obstruction of justice. He told AG Barr that the decision not to proceed was not solely based on the OLC opinion but on complicated facts in the law. Mueller hearing becoming very confusing and sad,” posted Graham on social media.

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