TEXAS ON EDGE: Fifth Device EXPLODES at FedEx Facility in San Antonio

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.20.18

An unidentified device detonated at a FedEx distribution facility in Texas just after midnight Tuesday morning; injuring one worker and raising fears the bomb could be related to a series of explosions that rocked Austin this month.

According to Fox News, local police confirmed a “medium-sized” box exploded on a conveyer belt at the delivery giant’s San Antonio ground sorting complex; adding a woman was being treated for a “sound injury.”

“We are working closely with law enforcement in their investigation,” said a statement from FedEx. “We are not providing any additional specific information about this package at this time.”

The FBI and ATF are investigating the latest blast as connected to four other explosions that shook the Texas capital in as many weeks; killing two people and injuring at least three more in a string of seemingly random blasts.

Police and the governor’s office reached out to the bomber Monday, urging the suspect to contact law enforcement before anyone else is injured; simultaneously raising the reward for any information on the culprit to $115,000.