Hannity Radio Show Recap: Aug 14

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.15.18


4:05 PM ET – Roger Stone, former Trump campaign advisor has been a long time friend of the President, and has promised that no amount of pressure from the left, or Mueller’s team, will encourage him to hurt or testify against President Trump.

Special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be narrowing his focus on Roger Stone in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, prompting widespread speculation that the longtime adviser to President Trump is likely a target in the probe.

Stone has long been subject to public scrutiny as a result of his connections to WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, the hacking persona that Mueller’s team now alleges was a front for Russian intelligence officers.

The focus on Stone has seemed to intensify in recent weeks as Mueller has sought testimony from a growing number of individuals linked to him.

Most telling, perhaps, is the fact that Roger Stone himself has not yet been called to interview with Mueller or testify before the grand jury.
Legal analysts see this as a sign that Stone is a subject, if not a target, of the investigation into whether there was collusion between Trump’s campaign and Moscow.

“Mueller is obviously closing in on Stone,” said Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. (h/t The Hill)

4:30 PM ET – John Heubuesch, Executive Director of the Reagan Foundation and author of the newly released book “The Second Coming”, a sequel to “The Shroud Conspiracy”. John highlights what’s different and the same about President Reagan’s administration and tenure with President Trump’s current office. The media? The people? The protests? Conversations with dictators and communist nations? There’s a lot to cover.

Midterm elections are quickly approaching and Trump can expect to lose seats in the House. During the 1982 midterms, Reagan lost 27 seats yet still managed to run our country effectively. What can Trump learn from Reagan on how to work/communicate with the left?

Mainstream media’s treatment of President Trump, and how President Reagan faced the same obstacle. Despite daily attacks by the media, President Reagan is now considered to be one of the best presidents this country has ever seen. Will the same happen with President Trump?

Iran fears strong leaders. 20 minutes after Reagan’s inauguration, Iran released 52 hostages after 444 days of imprisonment. By restoring sanctions on Iran and maintaining maximum pressure, Trump is taking the same approach to Iran that Reagan took with USSR.

5:05 PM ET – Joe Concha of The Hill, covers all things media and has been through many crazy media cycles, but none quite like this. From the Omarosa book tour, Michael Cohen’s tapes, the nonstop chatter and attacks from the left and the peaceful rallies that promise to kill President Trump like Gaddafi. From the protesters captured by the Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson:

I decided to ask the protesters what they would do were they to meet president Trump. Specifically, I asked “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” The answers I received stunned me. In my short time at the rally, approximately one hour, half a dozen protesters looked into my camera and threatened to physically harm or “murder the president.”

Some said they wanted to “do him like Gaddafi” in reference to the Libyan leader that was dragged into the street, beaten and murdered by his own people.

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