SHE’S BACK: Chelsea Handler Trashes ‘CHILD MURDERER’ Republican Voters

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.22.18

Hyper-liberal comedian Chelsea Handler took her crusade against the Republican Party to the next level Wednesday evening; trashing GOP voters as “child murderers” and “sexual assaulters” in the wake of last week’s deadly attack on a south Florida high school.

The left-wing comic slammed the GOP on social media, saying the party’s platform amounted to murder and molestation; warning Republican supporters that a “record number” of women “will replace all of you” after the 2018 midterm elections.

“Republicans platform: child molestors, sexual assaulters, child murder, voter suppression. Good f***ing luck in November when we will elect a record number of women to replace all of you,” she tweeted.

Handler is no stranger to controversy regarding the GOP or President Trump. The comedian routinely smears the Commander-in-Chief, going so far as to call for a military coup to remove him from office.