SAN FRAN CHAOS: Suspect Arrested After Violent Attack on Women, Took Police 30 MINUTES to Arrive

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.15.19

A suspect was arrested Wednesday following a violent attack on a woman outside her San Francisco apartment complex; with the victim telling reporters it took more than half an hour for police to arrive.

“Surveillance footage from the Watermark condo complex on Beale and Bryant appears to show a man attacking a woman outside of the glass doors around 1:40 a.m. Initially, he blocks her access to the doors. As she maneuvers to get a grip on the door handle, he starts pulling her backward into the street. A guard at the security desk gets up and eventually gets the woman inside the complex and locks the door,” reports SF Gate.

“Police say Austin James Vincent, 25, has been booked at San Francisco County Jail on charges of battery, attempted robbery and false imprisonment. According to SFPD, he has no local address,” adds the paper.

The victim claims it took 30 minutes for police to arrive at the scene. The San Francisco Police Department say they responded within 22 minutes.

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