PELOSI: Without Eviction Moratorium ‘Baby Cribs’ Would Be ‘On the Streets’

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.09.21

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi praised President Biden’s decision to extend the eviction moratorium for America’s renters Thursday; saying failure to act would lead to “baby cribs” on the streets.

“I really want to commend the President of the United States for his courageous action and informed action on extending the eviction moratorium… Renters can be saved, and landlords can be paid. Can you just imagine, families on the streets? Baby Cribs? Personal belongings on the street?” asked Pelosi.

“So, thank you Mr. President for the courage and the initiative that you took,” she added. “I also want to thank Maxine Waters.”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters confused millions of Americans on social media last week when she bizarrely demanded the CDC “extend the eviction moratoriums” in the United States, then asked “Who is going to stop them?”

“I don’t buy that the CDC can’t extend the eviction moratorium – something it has already done in the past! Who is going to stop them? Who is going to penalize them? There is no official ruling saying that they cannot extend this moratorium. C’mon CDC – have a heart! Just do it!” posted Waters on Twitter.

The firebrand progressive made national headlines in April after she dismissed all criticism of her policies as “a message to the white supremacists.”

I am nonviolent,” said the Congresswoman.

“Republicans will jump on any word, any line and try to make it fit their message and their cause for denouncing us and denying us, basically calling us violent … any time they see an opportunity to seize on a word, so they do it and they send a message to all of the white supremacists, the KKK, the Oath Keepers, the [Proud] Boys and all of that, how this is a time for [Republicans] to raise money on [Democrats’] backs,” Waters added.

“This is who they are and this is how they act,” she said. “And I’m not going to be bullied by them.”

“This is a time for [Republicans] to keep telling our constituents that [Democrats] are the enemy and they do that time and time again,” Waters claimed. “But that does not deter me from speaking truth to power. I am not intimidated. I am not afraid, and I do what needs to be done.”

Watch Pelosi’s comments above.

ADD IT TO THE LIST: Bernie Says ‘Evictions Must Be Banned’ to Promote ‘Economic Justice’ in America

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.07.20

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders doubled-down on his call for national rent control Tuesday morning; saying “evictions must be banned” in America to promote “economic justice” during the pandemic.

“Evictions must be banned for the entirety of this crisis. This is a matter of racial and economic justice that Congress cannot ignore,” posted Sanders on social media.


Sanders made similar comments last week when he called for a 10% cut to entire Pentagon budget.

“In the midst of a pandemic, the Senate is voting on a $740 billion Pentagon budget. I will be presenting an alternative: Cut the military by 10% to invest in health care, jobs, housing, and the environment. It’s time to transform our national priorities,”

“Why do we spend more on the military than the next 11 nations combined? I have a better idea: Cut Pentagon spending by 10% and invest it in the fight to end homelessness, hunger and poverty in the richest country on Earth,” said Sanders.


Watch Sanders’ comments above.

BERNIE: CoVID Plan Includes $$$ for ‘Child Poverty, Evictions, Pensions, Community Centers, MORE!

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.10.21

Far-Left Senator Bernie Sanders promoted the Democrats’ latest ‘CoVID Relief Package’ on CNN Tuesday night; saying the plan includes money for “child poverty, evictions, pensions, community centers” and more.

“What this legislation does is address a crisis that this country has ignored for too long. It will expand the child tax credit and lower the child poverty rate by as much as 50%,” said Sanders.

“This legislation provides help for eviction assistance. This legislation doubles-funding for community health centers,” he added.

Watch Sanders’ comments above.

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