PC ON YOUR PC: Microsoft to Use Artificial Intelligence to Make ‘Word’ Documents ‘Politically Correct’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.09.19

Microsoft Corporation announced a new addition to their latest Office suite Thursday; unveiling the use of artificial intelligence-based software to help make ‘Word’ documents more “politically correct.”

Microsoft is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to boost the use of ‘inclusive language’ in Word,” reports Fox News. “The feature is part of Ideas in Word, a forthcoming AI-powered online tool designed to improve users’ writing.”

“The Ideas in Word feature uses machine learning and intelligence from Microsoft Graph to help users write polished prose, create more professional documents and efficiently navigate documents created by others,” said John Roach in Microsoft’s AI blog.

Apart from providing familiar fixes such as the proper use of “their” and “there,” the feature will now use inclusive language; changing “policeman” into “police officer.”

Read the full report at Fox News.

NO THANKS: New Poll Shows MOST Viewers Have ‘HAD ENOUGH’ of NFL Protests

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.15.18

A new poll conducted by Fox News shows a stunning majority of NFL fans believe “political correctness” is ruining the once-loved all-American league; raising serious questions for the troubled game as it prepares for its 2018 season.

The survey shows that 68% of those asked believe “Political correctness has gone too far” after months of players “taking a knee” during the performance of the US national anthem, with just 19% saying “no.”

To make matters worse, a whopping 46% believe political and business leaders “frequently” base their decisions and actions “because they are worried about being politically correct.”

“Among Republicans, most feel the country is too PC (83 percent) and almost all think leaders regularly make bad decisions out of fear of being politically incorrect (89 percent),” writes Fox.

Read the full survey here.

BEHAR GOES NUCLEAR: Joy Says There’s NO DIFFERENCE Between Trump, Assad, Kim

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.12.18

Comedian Joy Behar found herself in hot-water Thursday after she wildly claimed there was no clear “moral” difference between President Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Bashar al-Assad; saying she sees Trump as “provoking war” across the globe.

“We’ve gotten to the point in this world now where we have to rely on the sanity of Kim Jong Un and [Vladimir] Putin over the President of the United States,” said Behar.

“Do you think Kim Jong Un is less moral than Trump? Do you?” Behar asked co-host Meghan McCain.

“It’s hard for me to sit here with moral relativism about many things with Trump,” McCain fired-back. “If you think that Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and Bashar al-Assad, and President Trump are the exact same thing, it’s when you lose all arguments with me in every way.”

“What I’m saying is that the two of them are backing off of war and Trump is provoking war, that’s what I see,” said Behar.

Watch her vicious comments above.

h/t IJR

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