On the Job Season 2- MAZEL TOV: Stories from a Late-In-Life Rabbi

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.21.18

Listen now to “On the Job” Episode 2: Mazel Tov: Stories from a Late-In-Life Rabbi

This week’s installment of the podcast from Express Employment Professionals is titled, “Mazel Tov: Stories from a Late-in-Life Rabbi.”

Jay Shupack wore many hats throughout the course of his professional life – actor, door-to-door insurance salesman, psychologist, and more. But nothing prepared him for his latest and greatest career move: becoming a Rabbi. After years of soul-searching and some unexpected twists and turns, Rabbi Shupack now believes he’s performing his life-long mission where the synagogue is his stage and the sermons his monologue.

“On the Job” celebrates the journey of hard-working men and women across America as they work to make the American dream their reality. In season 2 of the podcast from Express Employment Professionals, you’ll share their ups and downs, triumphs and challenges, and the oftentimes winding roads that lead them to find satisfaction, earn a living, and define who they are within their communities and the world beyond.

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