NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Americans Receive BIG TAX Refunds, Utility Bills DROP in 39 States

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.23.18

The Democratic prediction of “doom and gloom” and “death and destruction” over the recently passed GOP tax cuts continued to crash and burn this week; with new economic data showing millions of Americans received big bonuses, have lower taxes, and are seeing plummeting utility costs in at least 39 states across the country.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan touted the strong economic report on his website, pointing out that over 4.7 million workers have received more than $2.8 billion in bonuses since passing the sweeping tax reform.

In addition, utility companies are “passing along their savings” to average Americans; lowering rates and fees on heating, electrical, and gas bills across the country.

“Utility companies are passing along their savings from a lowered corporate tax rate on to customers by way of lower utility bills. To date, we have tracked utility companies in at least 39 states that have taken action to decrease the utility bills of almost 80 million customers from coast to coast,” says the Speaker’s website.

“A lower utility bill each month is a big deal for so many families—these aren’t just more ‘crumbs,’” said Rep. Ryan, referencing House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that higher wages were simply “pathetic crumbs” to American workers.

h/t Townhall