MUST SEE: Father and Daughter Reject Critical Race Theory, ‘You Can Make Friends No Matter What Color’

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.02.21

An incredible video went viral on social media this week showing a proud father and daughter rejecting Critical Race Theory in public education; saying he teaches his children to treat people “based on who they are” and not skin color.

“Daddy teaches that you can be anything in this world that you want to be,” said the father. “It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, yellow. We treat people based on who they are!”

“All that matters is if they’re nice and smart,” adds the daughter.

“This is how children think. Critical Race Theory wants to end that. Not with my children, it’s not going to happen,” he adds. “You can make friends, no matter what color they are. We need to stop CRT, point blank.”

“We pray for people that are hurt,” says the girl.


Watch the incredible video above.

A NEW LOW: Liberal Ad Shows 'Racist' GOP Voters MOWING DOWN Minority Kids

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.15.17

A left-leaning Hispanic voting organization stood by their shocking new advertisement on Tuesday; doubling-down on a vicious campaign video that showed a random GOP voter intentionally mowing down minority children in his Confederate-flag adorned pick-up truck.

The stunning video, titled “American Nightmare,” was released by the Latino Victory Fund and shows groups of minority children fleeing a marauding supporter of GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie; chasing his would-be victims in a “confederate” truck with a “Don’t tread on me” license plate.

Virginia Democrat candidate Ralph Northam defended the video on Tuesday, saying Gillespie’s own rhetoric forced the liberal organization to create the ad.

“Independent groups are denouncing Ed Gillespie because he has run the most divisive, fear-mongering campaign in modern history,” Northam campaign spokeswoman Ofirah Yheskel told Fox News. “It is not shocking that communities of color are scared of what his Trump-like policy positions mean for them.”

Watch the revolting video above.

AL GORE: Virginia Governor Can Make-Up for ‘Blackface’ Scandal by Blocking ‘Racist’ Gas Pipeline

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.20.19

Climate-change crusader and former Vice President Al Gore came-up with a unique way disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam can atone for his “blackface” scandal this week; urging the liberal leader to block a proposed gas pipeline.

“This is an ideal opportunity for him to say, ‘I’ve seen the light,’” said Gore in Virginia, referencing the Atlantic Coast pipeline which he then labeled a “racist rip-off.”

The former Vice President added it would be a major step towards “racial reconciliation” following the now infamous yearbook photo.

“If you want to be a great governor, if you want to help lead the nation, the first thing you oughta do is stop by Union Hill and tell this compressor, tell Dominion, ‘I was wrong, but I’m gonna do right, now,’” added another environmental activist.

Read the full report at the Daily Caller.

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