MISSED FLAGS: Paris Knife Attacker was on France's TERROR Watch List

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.14.18

French authorities and anti-terror investigators found themselves in hot water over the weekend after a lone terrorist who killed at least one individual turned out to be on the government’s “state security watchlist.”

According to the New York Times, the knife-yielding terrorist -identified as 20-year-old Chechen born Khamzat Azimov- has been on the French government’s anti-terror watch list since 2016; raising new questions over how the suspect launched his stabbing spree that injured five and left one person dead.

“Once again we learn that the terrorist was in the S Files,” said former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, referring to her government’s watch list. “What use are the S Files if we don’t use them to neutralize these time bombs on French soil?”

Azimov was born in Chechnya and became a naturalized French citizen in 2010. He was placed on the watch list after contacting multiple individuals who attempted to travel to Syria in 2016.

“Apart from being questioned by security services in 2017 over his connections to the Syria departure, he had no previous run-ins with the authorities,” writes the Times.