SARAH SMACKDOWN: Sanders Asked if She’d Rather Deal with Children or Jim Acosta

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.14.18

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders unloaded on CNN’s Jim Acosta this Mother’s Day, hilariously saying that “having whiny kids” helped her prepare for the White House correspondent’s line of questioning.

Sanders was speaking with the Daily Caller when she was asked if she’d rather take questions from children or Acosta, saying “it probably depends on the day.”

Mothers of the White House: Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and Mercedes Schlapp

“Probably depends on the day. Both of them whine pretty regularly. They both like to ask the same questions and sometimes their tone needs to be adjusted a little bit. So I think that having kids has prepared me for the job that I have right now. In all seriousness, I think that having kids is great preparation for anything — especially a job you need patience for and they have certainly prepared me for this one,” said Sanders.

Watch the Press Secretary’s hilarious response above.