LIBERAL LEAKERS: GOP Rep SLAMS DEMOCRATS for Leaking Russia Testimony to Media

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.01.18

A Republican Representative unloaded on his Democratic colleagues Wednesday, accusing the liberal lawmakers of leaking sensitive testimony before the House Intelligence Committee to the press simply to create headaches for the Trump administration.

Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida was speaking with CNN when he slammed left-wing lawmakers for their non-stop leaks regarding Russian testimony, saying the Democrats were harassing people for “nine hours” so they can release “ridiculous” soundbites to the mainstream media.

“We’ve interviewed scores of witnesses and now we’ve gotten to the point now where we’re literally bringing people in for nine hours just so the Democrats can leak to the press something as ridiculous as ‘white lies,’” said Rooney, referencing outgoing Communications Director Hope Hicks statement before Congressional leaders.

“It was a trap… It was a trap and that is what our investigation has become,” he added.

Watch Rooney’s comments below:

h/t Daily Caller