KELLYANNE: Schumer, Others Owe Trump ‘An Apology’ Over MS-13 Remarks

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.17.18

White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway slammed those critical of President Trump’s use of the term “animals” to describe MS-13 gang members Thursday, saying politicians who “rushed to judgment” owe Trump and gang violence victims “an apology.”

Conway called out the liberal lawmakers on social media, saying they took his words out of context to make it appear as if he was referring to all immigrants as “animals,” not specifically MS-13 gang members.

“Others who rushed to judgment to get the President rather than to get the story owe @POTUS – and the grieving loved ones who have lost family members to gang violence – an apology,” she tweeted.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed the President on twitter Wednesday night, comparing “our great grandparents” to MS-13 gang members; apparently unaware the President was referring to jailed criminals residing in American prisons.

SCHUMER MELTDOWN: Chuck Compares MS-13 Members to 'Our Great Grandparents'

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.17.18

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer railed against President Trump’s harsh rhetoric towards violent street gang MS-13 Wednesday; taking the President’s comments out of context and equating violent offenders to “our great grandparents.”

The President was responding to a California lawmaker’s complaint that local officials were unable to notify ICE officials of MS-13 gang members detained in county jails; saying federal authorities were working to bypass the “ridiculous” sanctuary city policies and deport “animal” criminals from the United States.

Schumer slammed the President’s harsh rhetoric on social media within hours, saying “When all of our great-great-grandparents came to America they weren’t ‘animals,’ and these people aren’t either.”

SCHUMER SLAMMED: Fellow Senators UNLOAD on Schumer Over RACE-BASED Voting

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.02.18

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer continued to take fire from his Congressional colleagues Thursday, with two sitting Senators slamming the top Democrat for his decision to vote against a Trump judicial nominee based on his skin color.

Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott joined Rep. Trey Gowdy in publicly denouncing Schumer’s move to block a judicial nominee simply because of his skin color; saying he was “voting no” because Trump’s pick replaced two “scuttled” African-American candidates.

“This is political correctness run amok. Voting against a highly qualified nominee because of the color of his skin does nothing to bring our country and nation together. Frankly it is a massive step backward,” wrote Sen. Graham.

“He is not a racist, but this was an absolutely shameful reason to vote against a very qualified nominee like Marvin Quattlebaum,” he added. “I judge nominees on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

“Perhaps Senate Democrats should be more worried about the lack of diversity on their own staffs than attacking an extremely well-qualified judicial nominee from the great state of South Carolina,” added Sen. Tim Scott.

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