IRAN ON EDGE: Tehran TRASHES 'Unqualified' Trump Over Nuclear Deal

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.25.18

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani unloaded on President Trump this week over his opposition to the multinational nuclear pact; slamming the Commander-in-Chief as “unqualified” to make future agreements.

Speaking through state-run television Wednesday, the leader blasted President Trump as he held high-level meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the Iranian nuclear deal.

“You don’t have any background in politics,” said Rouhani, addressing Trump. “You don’t have any background in law. You don’t have any background on international treaties.”

“How can a tradesman, a merchant, a building constructor, a tower constructor make judgments about international affairs?” he asked.

The Iranian President’s comments come just hours after Macron and Trump pledged to form a “new deal” with Iran despite Rouhani’s insistence there is no “Plan B.”