INTO DARKNESS: Venezuela Thrust into Chaos as Power Goes Out Across the Country

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.08.19

Venezuela was abruptly thrust into total darkness Thursday night as power grids failed across the troubled country, with a crippling blackout impacting 22 out of the nation’s 23 states including the capital Caracas.

“Thousands of commuters had to scramble to find a way back home as subway service stopped operating, while roads came to a standstill due to confusion over blackened stoplights,” writes Fox News. “The blackout forced hospital nurses to monitor patients, including premature babies in incubators, while holding candles.”

Venezuela’s embattled socialist President Nicolas Maduro accused the United States -particularly Florida Sen. Marco Rubio- of perpetrating an “electrical war” against his country.

“My apologies to people of Venezuela. I must have pressed the wrong thing on the ‘electronic attack’ app I downloaded from Apple. My bad,” posted Rubio on social media.

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