HANNITY: Mueller 'LEAKS' Highlight Media's 'Disinformation Campaign' Against Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.01.18

Sean Hannity weighed-in Monday on recent reports that the New York Times has allegedly obtained the special counsel’s questions for President Trump; saying the media is engaged in a full-fledged “disinformation campaign” to manipulate the American people.

“I am told by my sources tonight that the New York Times is full of crap. That those are not the questions that the special counsel is asking. Clearly a leak by the special counsel’s office, again with anonymous sources,” said Hannity.

“This is certainly a disinformation campaign once again,” fired-back Sara Carter. “We see stories like this over and over again alleging collusion, saying Mueller’s going to ask about collusion, trying to keep this storyline alive even though we know there’s no evidence.”

“We keep seeing these stories. This is why we have to be concerned, because this is a disinformation campaign,” she added.

“This is how bad the press in this country is, and they’re being fed lies and disinformation to manipulate the American people,” said Hannity.