COMEY’S INSIDE MAN: Memo Leak Contact WORKED at FBI For Over a YEAR

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.03.18

The Columbia law professor who intentionally leaked James Comey’s classified memos to the press quietly worked at the FBI for over a year; raising serious legal questions over the former bureau boss’s decision to reveal the sensitive material to the public.

According to Fox News, longtime Comey associate Daniel Richman was hired as a “special government employee” in June of 2015 and stayed on at the agency until February 2017.

“Sources familiar with Richman’s FBI status said he was assigned to ‘special projects’ by Comey, and had a security clearance as well as badge access to the building,” writes Fox.

Bureau records reveal Richman worked closely with Comey “with an initial term of one year. Richman’s stated responsibilities included the use of encryption by terror suspects — known as ‘Going Dark.’ In August 2015, his projects were expanded to include an examination of the implications of federal investigations being brought to state and local prosecutors.”

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