CNN Anchor: ‘There’s Not Evidence Of Widespread Fraud’ Of Ballot Harvesting In Homeless Camps

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.16.20
Ballot Collection in Homeless Camps

CNN: Collecting and compiling ballots from homeless camps is legit

Posted by Sean Hannity on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana endured a CNN interview which was nothing more than host Jim Sciutto defending unethical behavior of Democrats. While debating the merits of mail-in-voting, Senator Cassidy exclaimed “there needs to be precautions” because in some states, such as California, they allow “ballot harvesting.”

Cassidy goes on to explain ballot harvesting, where “someone can go through a homeless community and literally, they do this, ask them to fill out a ballot, and then they submit it – [crosstalk] that is actually fraudulent.” Unable to finish his sentence, CNN’s Sciutto jumped to California’s defense.

With Sciutto speaking over him, Cassidy says ballot harvesting is something “they would not allow them to do in North Carolina.” Sciutto is simultaneously shaking his head saying “there’s not evidence of widespread fraud.” Flawlessly dismantling Sciutto’s false statement that there is no evidence of “widespread fraud” Cassidy refers to how speaker Nancy Pelosi would not allow ballot harvesting in North Carolina but does allow it in California.

“Now Jim, let me finish,” says Cassidy, adding they did ballot harvesting in North Carolina. “So for whatever reason Pelosi objected to North Carolina doing it, but she applauds it in California” therefore concludes, “if you’re going to have mail-in-balloting you have to be concerned about the fraud.”

ACOSTA UNHINGED: CNN Reporter Accuses Trump of ‘Demonizing Immigrants,’ Warns of Russian Meddling

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.23.18

CNN senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta escalated his war-of-words with President Trump over the weekend; accusing the Commander-in-Chief of “demonizing” immigrants and warning of continued Russian meddling ahead of the 2018 midterms.

Acosta slammed the President on social media after Trump warned those committing voter fraud in the upcoming elections would be “subject to the maximum penalties.”

“Don’t be fooled by the continued demonization of immigrants. Voter fraud in this country is actually very rare. What we should be on the lookout for is Russian meddling,” tweeted Acosta.

Acosta’s comments come as thousands of undocumented immigrants slowly make their way through Mexico towards the United States’ southern border; openly defying President Trump’s demands they return to their home countries.

‘LIBERAL MEDIA WAR’: New York Times Blocks Reporters from CNN, MSNBC; Says ‘Too Partisan’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.31.19

The New York Times is reportedly “blocking” its reporters from appearing on certain programs aired by MSNBC and CNN; saying specific shows are simply “too partisan” when covering political issues.

“The New York Times is reportedly blocking its reporters from appearing on liberal cable news programs such as MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ and ‘CNN Tonight’ with Don Lemon because they’re ‘too partisan,’ but critics think the Gray Lady needs to look in the mirror,” reports Fox News.

“This isn’t a news story, it’s a sitcom plot. The nation’s most liberal paper is suddenly concerned that the wacky network filled on air with its employees might be too far left,” said Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor. “The Times is liberal on the opinion and news pages on every major issue facing the nation — from abortion to taxes. Yet, MSNBC is even further left? Does anyone at The Times read their own paper?”


“The Times has come to ‘prefer,’ as sources put it, that its reporters steer clear of any cable-news shows that the masthead perceives as too partisan, and managers have lately been advising people not to go on what they see as highly opinionated programs,” adds the article.

The New York Times stunned readers just last week, publishing an op-ed that blamed America’s “unlivable cities” on “wealthy liberals.”

An op-ed published in the New York Times last Wednesday blamed the horrific conditions in America’s cities on “wealthy liberals,” saying their policies are directly related to rising crime, homelessness, and public drug use.

“To live in California at this time is to experience every day the cryptic phrase that George W. Bush once used to describe the invasion of Iraq: ‘Catastrophic success.’ The economy here is booming, but no one feels especially good about it. When the cost of living is taken into account, billionaire-brimming California ranks as the most poverty-stricken state, with a fifth of the population struggling to get by. Since 2010, migration out of California has surged,” writes columnist Farhad Manjoo.

Read the full report at Vanity Fair.

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