‘CLUMSY AND UNFAIR’: Rep. Crenshaw TRASHES Warren’s Proposal to ‘Forgive’ Debt to Those Earning $250K

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.25.19

Rep. Dan Crenshaw slammed Sen. Elizabeth’s Warren latest proposal to forgive student debt to 95% of Americans with education loans this week; calling the policy “clumsy and unfair” for all US taxpayers.

“Loan forgiveness for people making up to $250k? This plan effectively asks all Americans, many of whom never got a degree, to give their tax dollars to people who CHOSE to take out a student loan so that they COULD get a job paying $250k a year. Terribly clumsy & unfair policy,” he tweeted.

Leading economists predict Warren’s proposal to introduce tuition-free college and forgive most American’s student loan debt would likely cost upwards of $1.25 trillion over the next ten years.