CLINTON CASH: Hillary Gives MAX DONATIONS to 19 Democrats Ahead of Midterms

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.31.18

Hillary Clinton officially entered the 2018 midterm elections this week, giving the maximum legal donations to at least 19 Democratic candidates just months before voters head to the polls.

According to ABC News, Clinton donated the highest permitted amount -$5,000 – to 19 challengers as the DNC hopes to retake control of Congress this fall. The FEC filings show she made the contributions through her Onward Together organization.

At least 11 of her liberal candidates are hoping to “flip” red districts currently held by GOP lawmakers

The districts are located in California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Nevada, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Georgia, and West Virginia.

The former Secretary of State has been largely missing from the campaign trail heading into the midterms as many candidates struggle to distance themselves from the twice-failed presidential candidate.

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