‘CARAVAN’ CHAOS: DOJ Charges 11 Migrants with ‘ILLEGAL ENTRY’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.01.18

The Department of Justice filed charges against at least 11 individuals associated with the ‘migrant caravan’ that arrived at the US-Mexico border over the weekend; raising the stakes as hundreds of undocumented workers seek asylum in the United States.

“The Department of Justice has filed complaints against 11 individuals believed to be members of the Central American migrant caravan, accusing them of illegally entering the United States,” writes the Daily Caller.

According to police reports, 10 migrants face misdemeanor charges for illegally entering the United States, with one immigrant facing a possible felony for entering the United States after being previously deported.

The charges signal a harsh US response to the nearly 200 migrants attempting to enter the country at the San Diego border station.

Earlier this week, American officials denied entry for the ‘caravan,’ citing the border crossing as “full” and unable to process any further immigration requests “at this time.”

h/t Daily Caller