CAIN ON HANNITY: Herman Cain Explains His Decision to Withdraw from Federal Reserve Board Nomination

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.24.19

Former presidential candidate and businessman Herman Cain spoke with Sean Hannity Tuesday night to explain his decision to withdraw from the Federal Reserve Board nomination process; saying the move “had nothing to do” with allegations made during his run for the White House.

“Those accusations had nothing to do with my decision. During phase one of this process, collecting all of the information, and also finding out from administration staffers what I can and cannot do,” said Cain.


“When I started to look at the list of things that I could not do, that’s like taking a stallion, keeping him in the stables, and not letting him run. I couldn’t do the things that I enjoy. I enjoy my show, I enjoy speaking, I enjoy my website, I enjoy educating people about the power of capitalism,” he added.


Watch Herman Cain on ‘Hannity’ above.