BREXIT BREAKDOWN: UK Rapidly Preparing for ‘NO DEAL’ Brexit from EU

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.07.19

The United Kingdom is rapidly preparing for a “no deal” hard-Brexit from the European Union in the weeks ahead; drawing-up emergency plans should the nation fail to agree on key legislation surrounding the historic divorce.

“Britain is testing how its motorway and ferry system would handle a ‘no-deal’ Brexit by sending a stream of trucks from a closed local airport to the port of Dover — even as some legislators try to pressure the government to rule out the scenario,” writes the Associated Press.

A sudden break with the EU without a steady agreement could lead to legal, transportation, immigration, and trade chaos between the two entities; sparking fears that people and products could be stranded for weeks on both sides of the channel.

“Parliament is expected to resume its debate over the government’s planned withdrawal deal Wednesday, with a vote widely expected a week later,” adds the AP.

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