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'BABY BRAT IN A HOODIE': Watch Hannity TORCH Senate Candidate John Fetterman, Issues Challenge

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.23.22

Fox News host Sean Hannity torched Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman during the opening monologue of Hannity on Tuesday night; Hannity called him the “baby brat in a hoodie.”

“I have a message tonight for the very lazy, Bernie Sanders loving, Socialist, trust fund baby brat in a hoodie that is now running as a Democrat for the Senate in Pennsylvania,” Hannity began, before explaining that Fetterman has been fundraising using the Hannity name.

“We got to counter Sean Hannity with as much grassroots support as possible,” Hannity revealed Fetterman said in a recent fundraising email.

“He needs your money desperately because I told the truth on his positions on legalizing drugs; and fracking; and believing in sanctuary cities and states; and getting violent criminals out of jail; abortion up until the mount of birth with no restrictions whatsoever,” Hannity says.

“So instead of accusing me of lying, which we didn’t do, John needs to quit his whining, stop his crying, man up, put on his hoodie, defend his radical opinions and show me where you think I lied.”

“Stop begging your supporters for money and counter me yourself…come on in….come on the show.”

Watch the clip above.

Recently, Fetterman and his GOP opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz have been sparring over Twitter.

From The New York Post:

The two candidates sparred over who is more of an everyman. After Oz seemed to forget how many houses he owns (he said “two” when the correct answer is 10), Fetterman pounced. “I’ve never spoken to a PA resident who doesn’t know how many houses they have … let alone be off by 8. I can’t tell if he’s trying + failing to sound like a regular person (with ONLY TWO mansions) or if he genuinely has no idea,” he tweeted.

To that, Oz shot back: “I purchased my houses with MY money. You lived off your parents until you were almost 50. Regular people don’t mooch off their parents when they’re 50. Get off the couch John!”

Fetterman’s father, Karl, is a successful businessman and founder/owner of Kling Insurance in Pennsylvania. Not only did Fetterman grow up in the wealthy suburb of York, Pa., his parents financially supported him and his family for the entire 13 years he was mayor of Braddock — a part-time job that paid him just $150 a year — until he was sworn in as lieutenant governor in 2019 at the age of 49. In 2015 alone, his parents paid him a $54,000 salary.

He lives with his wife, Gisele, and their three children, in a spacious Braddock loft that his sister purchased for $70,000 and then handed over to Fetterman for just $1.

More over at the New York Post

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