WATCH: Eminem Has Total Trump MELTDOWN at UK Concert

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.07.17

Eminem took a moment from his over-hyped performance at the Reading Festival in the United Kingdom over the weekend to attack President Trump, launching into a political tirade mid-performance where he led the crowd in a massive “F*** Donald Trump” chant.

The unhinged rapper ranted and raved about the American president for over three minutes, telling the packed UK audience he “can’t stand” Donald Trump.

“I’m not about to stand up here and use this f***in’ stage for some kind of a platform to be all political and s***, and I don’t want to cause any controversy so I won’t say no names; but this mother f***er Donald Trump, I can’t stand!,” said the rapper.

“So before we get into this new song, we would like to request something of you,” Eminem told the audience.

“When I say ‘f***,’ you say ‘Trump,'” screamed the unhinged rapper.

This isn’t the first time Eminem has publicly attacked the President.

The iconic rapper released a controversial song called “Campaign speech” in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, slamming then-Candidate Trump as a “loose cannon.”

Watch the rapper’s vicious comments above.

h/t Daily Caller