WORLD ON EDGE: Israel WARNS Iran of ‘HEAVY BLOWS’ After Syria Strike

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.12.18

The Israeli government issued a stern threat to Iran over the weekend, warning Tehran that Jerusalem was prepared to inflict ‘heavy blows’ on the Islamic Republic should they continue to operate in Syria, reports Yahoo News.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s harsh rhetoric followed a weekend of violence between the two nations; with Israel attacking “Iranian targets” inside Syria after an F16 fighter jet was “shot down” over Syrian airspace using defense systems deployed by Tehran.

“We inflicted on Saturday a heavy blow to Iranian and Syrian forces,” said Netanyahu. “We made clear to everyone that our rules of engagement will not change in any way. We will continue to harm anyone who tries to harm us. This was our policy and this will remain our policy.”

The seven-year long Syrian Civil War is rapidly entering a new phase, with the Russian-backed Regime of Bashir al-Assad gaining ground and solidifying control.

With rebels attracting less attention, the Syrian Air Force -supplied by Iran and Russia- is setting its sights on Israeli warplanes operating in the region.

“I think this incident is more likely to be contained because fundamentally it is a gradual attempt to renegotiate the so-called rules of the game,” said one expert on the ongoing civil war.