WHAT’S WRONG WITH NANCY? Pelosi Suggests ‘MOWING GRASS’ to Defend Southern Border

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.22.18

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi offered a unique policy proposal to help secure the United States’ southern border with Mexico Wednesday, telling a local reporter the US should simply “mow grass” in the region so illegal immigrants will be easier to spot.

The House Minority Leader was speaking with the Arizona Republic when she made the bizarre suggestion, blasting the President’s proposed border wall and outlining possible “alternatives” to help stem the flow of undocumented workers into the United States.

“Do you think you can get House Democrats to support something that would result in the construction of something that isn’t already standing at this point, if it brought some assurance for the Dreamers?”

“Let’s sit down and talk this through and see what makes sense, not some commitment to a promise that we’re going to build a wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it […] Let’s talk about where fencing will do, where mowing grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass,” said Pelosi.

Watch Nancy’s strange suggestion above.


posted by Hannity Staff - 2.08.18

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi turned towards a higher-power during her eight-hour long speech defending DACA Wednesday, saying she should have brought her “rosary blessed by the Pope” to help Democrats pass legislation in support of nearly one million ‘Dreamers.’

Pelosi was speaking on the floor of the House when she suddenly mentioned Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, suggesting that liberal legislators should spend the day in prayer over new DACA legislation.

“During the night when I was thinking and praying so hard about our ‘Dreamers,’ I thought maybe we should just pray all day on the floor of Congress. Maybe I should bring my rosary blessed by the Pope,” said Nancy.

“I always remember Pope Benedict when he came. He spoke so beautifully,” she added. “He quoted an Augustine who seventeen centuries ago said that any government that is not formed to promote justice is just a bunch of thieves.”

“His holiness goes on to say, ‘Sometimes it’s hard to define what justice is, but in doing so we must beware of the dazzling blindness of power and special interests,” Pelosi added.

Watch Nancy Pelosi’s comments below:

NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Pelosi HECKLED at Town Hall, Asked ‘How Much She’s Worth’

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.20.18

Nancy Pelosi’s town hall event didn’t go according to plan Tuesday, with one unhappy constituent asking the House Minority Leader “how much she’s worth” after she slammed the recently passed GOP tax cuts.

Pelosi was quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when the unidentified woman launched her attack; saying the former Speaker was worth “hundreds of millions” while pretending to work on behalf of average Americans.

“As Martin Luther King said, God never intended for one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject, deadening poverty. So, these are kitchen table issues for most American families,” said Nancy.

“How much are you worth Nancy? How much are you worth!?” shouted the woman. “You’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars!”

Watch Pelosi’s town hall disaster above.

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