WHAT HAPPENED? Hillary’s Popularity at RECORD LOWS After Her ‘Excuses Tour’

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.19.18

A new poll released by the Wall Street Journal this week shows Hillary Clinton’s popularity at historic lows, reaching unprecedented levels over a year after her surprise defeat to Donald Trump.

According to the survey, just 27% of Americans have a ‘very positive’ or ‘somewhat positive’ view of the twice-failed presidential nominee; a drop of 3% from a previous poll that showed her popularity at 30%.

“A Journal analysis of the poll notes that the poll is a reminder of ‘just how unusual’ Clinton is in terms of her unpopularity — even among recent losing presidential nominees who have typically experienced a post-election decline, but not to the extent Clinton has. At the time of the election, 40 percent had a positive view of her,” writes Fox News.

Clinton made national headlines just weeks ago -drawing fire from both Democrats and Republicans- after she slammed “white women” who voted for Trump; claiming they were forced to vote for the GOP nominee by their “husbands and sons.”