North Korea

WELCOME HOME: President Trump Greets Kim’s Prisoners on US Soil

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.10.18

President Trump greeted three American prisoners released by North Korea early Thursday morning as the men touched down on American soil; welcoming the US citizens as they returned after years of captivity under the communist regime.

The Commander-in-Chief and First Lady Melania Trump awaited the prisoners as they arrived alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland at 2:00am.

Soon after disembarking the plane, Kim Dong Chul, Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Hak Song “thanked” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for their immediate release.

The transfer of the three prisoners to US custody sets the stage for high-level negotiations between Kim Jong Un and President Trump, who called the possibility of “denuclearization” the highest priority of his presidency.

“My proudest achievement will be – this is part of it – when we denuclearize that entire peninsula,” said Trump. “We very much appreciate that [Kim] allowed them to go before the meeting.”