VENEZUELA CRUMBLING: Starving Residents ‘Abandon Dogs' as Pet Food Costs 3 WEEKS PAY

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.13.18

Countless Venezuelans are abandoning their cats and dogs across the impoverished country, with new data showing pet food costing average residents nearly one months’ wages as the economy continues to crumble.

“If life in Venezuela has become hard for humans, it has become even harder for many pets. With inflation soaring toward 1 million percent, dog food and veterinary care have spiraled out of reach for millions of people. One kilo – or 2.2 pounds – of dog food, for instance, now costs nearly the equivalent of three weeks’ salary for a minimum-wage worker,” writes MySA.

“The result, animal specialists say, has been an exploding population of abandoned dogs on the streets and rising numbers in underfunded shelters. Although there are no reliable national figures on the phenomenon, officials from eight shelters in the capital, Caracas, said they had seen a roughly 50 percent rise in the number of pets left at their facilities this year,” adds the article.

The disturbing data comes as socialist President Nicolas Maduro implements his “revolutionary strategy” to help stem the nation’s financial crisis; unveiling a new currency and slashing five zeroes from the Bolivar to clampdown on inflation.

Read the full story here.

REGIONAL CRISIS: Neighboring Countries Hold EMERGENCY SUMMIT over Venezuela Meltdown

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.22.18

The nation of Ecuador is organizing an emergency summit of 13 Latin American countries to discuss a region-wide response to the escalating financial and humanitarian disaster taking place in Venezuela.

According to Yahoo News, Ecuador’s top diplomat confirmed the high-stakes meeting Wednesday; hoping to settle on a unified plan to cope with over two million Venezuelan refugees scattered across the region.

“More than two million people have fled economic collapse in Venezuela during a four-year recession, according to the United Nations, piling pressure on neighboring countries as well as others further afield,” writes Yahoo.

“Ecuador and Peru have announced tighter entry measures to control the influx of Venezuelans, leaving many stranded on those countries’ northern borders with Colombia,” adds the article.

Last week, Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro unveiled a “revolutionary” plan to contain the escalating financial crisis; slashing five zeros from the currency and raising the minimum wage a stunning 3,000%.

PARADISE LOST: Venezuela’s Economy CRUMBLES, 1 Chicken Costs 1 MONTH’S SALARY

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.09.18

The Venezuelan economy continued to crumble this week, with ultra-inflation of 1,000,000% sending the price of a single chicken to nearly 1.5 months’ worth of the average worker’s salary.

Residents throughout the oil-rich nation are struggling to emigrate to neighboring Colombia despite claims by Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro that a recent assassination attempt was orchestrated by Bogota.

“We are political persecuted, we have been persecuted by this government. Everyone who has been persecuted by the government has had to flee,” said a Venezuelan man crossing the bridge into Colombia. “We have left our country looking for a new horizon because they want to kill us, they have killed our families and hide everything that’s happening around the world from Venezuela.”

“We need the international community to understand that the United States – yes, we’ve given $60 million and we’re giving $9 million more today – but everyone needs to step up and everyone needs to be loud against Maduro and force him to leave,” said Ambassador Nikki Haley earlier this week.

Read the full story at Fox News.

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