UNHAPPY 4th of JULY: Polls Show New York, New Jersey ‘LEAST PATRIOTIC’ States in the USA

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.25.19

A new survey published this week shows New Jersey and New York are officially the “least patriotic” states in America.

“Usually New Jersey gets dissed for the oil refineries up north, or our in-your-face, no-holds-barred, speak-your-mind attitudes. Now, however, we’re getting dissed on our patriotism: A new survey has ranked New Jersey dead last out of all the states for how we feel about the U-S-of-A,” reports

New Jersey ranked dead-last in residents’ patriotism, coming just behind neighboring New York.

“The website ranked New Jersey 48th in military engagement, a score comprised of the average number of military enlistees per 1,000 adults, veterans per 1,000 adults, active-duty military per 100,000 adults and share of adults in military reserves. Wallet Hub found the state had .42 enlistees per 1,000 adults and 55.8 veterans per 1,000 adults (NJ ranked 49th in number of veterans),” adds the report.

The most patriotic states in the country are New Hampshire, Wyoming, and Vermont.

The poll comes just days before President Trump is set to unveil his ‘Salute to America’ in Washington, DC.

President Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ on the 4th of July will feature the “largest fireworks show” in the history of Washington, DC, according to a spokesperson with the National Parks Service.

“New details have been released about the July 4th celebration in D.C. Officials say you can expect the biggest fireworks show the nation’s capital has ever seen,” reports Fox DC. “The annual event will be different this year with the addition of President Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ event at the Lincoln Memorial.”

“I think it’s safe to say without much exaggeration that this is going to be the largest fireworks show D.C. has ever seen,” National Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst said.

“Fireworks go off at 1,000 feet. There are no 1,000 feet buildings between here and Capitol Hill,” he said. “If you have watched the fireworks from anywhere up and down the National Mall in recent years, no matter where you’re watching them from, again this year you won’t have any trouble seeing them.”

President Trump will also address the nation on the 4th of July.

“There is no more appropriate place to celebrate the anniversary of American independence than among the Nation’s monuments on the National Mall and the memorials to the service men and women who have defended the United States for the past 243 years,” said Department of the Interior Secretary Bernhardt. “For the first time in many years, the World War II Memorial and areas around the Reflecting Pool will be open for the public to enjoy a stunning fireworks display and an address by our Commander-in-Chief. We are excited to open these new areas so that more visitors may experience this year’s Independence Day celebration in our nation’s capital.”

“Additionally, this year for the first time in recent memory, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, the World War II Memorial and Constitution Gardens will each be accessible and available as a location from which to view the fireworks. These prime viewing areas are now outside of the fireworks safety zone due to the fireworks launch site being moved from the Reflecting Pool to West Potomac Park. The change of locations also means that the Signers of the Declaration of Independence Memorial will be accessible to the public on Independence Day. In previous years it had been closed due to the old fireworks safety zone,” adds the press release.

BLUE STATE BLUES: California Gas Prices SPIKE, Could Hit $4 Per Gallon for Millions

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.10.19

Millions of Californians have seen a massive increase for the price of gasoline in recent days; with several stations across the state charging $4 per gallon -a cost much higher than the national average of $2.75.

“A survey of more than 5,000 gas stations conducted by AAA shows that the average price for a gallon of regular gas is now $2.75, up 11% in the last month. And the average price is already above $3 a gallon in six western states: California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Alaska,” reports KTLA.

“Four-dollar gas is the average in a couple of California counties — San Luis Obispo and Mono. Many others are within a few cents of that mark, including San Francisco, where the average price is $3.98,” adds the article.

The rising prices come as Californians may soon face a series of new taxes from local officials, with the State government weighing whether to increase fees on drinking water, tires, pain medications, and more.

Read the full report here.

BLUE STATE BLUES: Liberal Governors to SUE TRUMP ADMIN Over GOP Tax Cuts

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.26.18

New York’s Andrew Cuomo announced his plans Friday to form a coalition of ‘Blue State’ Governors and sue the federal government over the recently passed GOP tax legislation; saying the bill unfairly punishes east coast residents with drastically higher property taxes.

Just three states -New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut- have signed onto Cuomo’s initiative, but the group hopes to expand to California, Illinois, and other left-leaning local governments as the Republican tax cuts take effect in the coming months.

According to Fox News, the coalition blasted the legislation’s State and Local Tax Deduction, also known as SALT provision, which eliminates individual’s abilities to deduct state and local taxes from their federal filings; making people in high-tax states likely to pay more on their annual tax bill.

“The elimination of full state and local deductibility is a blatantly partisan and unlawful attack on New York that uses our hardworking families and tax dollars as a piggy bank to pay for tax cuts for corporations and other states,” Cuomo said in a statement. “This coalition will take the federal government to court to protect our residents from this assault.”

“Capping the State and Local Tax deduction had nothing to do with sound policy,” added New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. “It is a clear and politically motivated punishment of blue states — like New Jersey and our neighbors —who already pay far more to the federal government than we receive.”

Cuomo’s lawsuit is the latest instance of Democratic leaders struggling to stop the President’s tax overhaul. Earlier this month, California announced its intention to “seize” half the tax cut revenue of all corporations earning over $1 million.

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