TRUMP BUMP: The President’s Approval POPS to 50%

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.03.18

A new poll conducted this week shows the President’s approval rating popping to 50% despite months of negative media attention surrounding Mueller’s never-ending Russian-collusion investigation.

The survey -published by Rasmussen– has the Commander-in-Chief’s approval holding steady at 50%, with 33% of likely voters “strongly approving” the President’s job performance and 49% disapproving.

Earlier this week, left-leaning Gallop conducted another poll showing Trump’s approval rating reaching an 11-month high after a series of legislative and international wins.

“The data also indicated that the gap between those who said they approved of Trump and those who said they disapproved had narrowed over the past year,” writes the Hill.

The President’s stronger-than-expected polling comes after weeks of successes both at home and abroad; including meetings with the leaders of France and Germany, a diplomatic breakthrough in North Korea, and strong economic forecasts.