TOTAL DENIAL: Tom Perez Says the DEMOCRAT Can STILL WIN Ohio Special Election

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.28.18

DNC chair Tom Perez apparently missed the memo on Ohio’s special election Tuesday; bizarrely suggesting the Democrat challenger could still win despite state officials certifying the Trump-backed candidate’s victory last week.

Perez was speaking during a recent radio interview when he was asked to weigh-in on the Democrats’ chances of retaking control of Congress this fall; saying GOP lawmaker Troy Balderson may “end up being declared the winner.”

Someone Should Probably Let DNC Chair Perez Know Ohio-12 Is Over, His Party Lost

“Forty-three seats have flipped from red to blue in places like Oklahoma, Kentucky, across the map,” Perez said, “and we have the most recent election in Ohio, the 12th Congressional District, which is a district Republicans have held for 35 years, and it was a jump ball.”

“By the time they count it, it’ll be election, so don’t take any curtain measurements Mr. Balderson if you end up being declared the winner,” Perez responded.