North Korea

TOP OBAMA AIDE: President Trump ‘NOT EQUIPPED’ to Handle North Korea

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.12.18

A senior foreign policy advisor to former President Barack Obama lashed-out at President Trump over the weekend; saying the Commander-in-Chief was not “equipped” to enter negotiations with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Top Obama staffer Ben Rhodes was speaking with ABC News when he voiced his concerns over whether Trump was “prepared” to take on Kim directly; saying the President was “declaring a victory” but so far “nothing has really happened yet.”

“We have a lot of concerns with how they’ve handled the State Department, how they’ve handled science. How they’ve been erratic on this issue of North Korea; the Secretary of State seemed to be cut-out of the process,” said Rhodes.

“I have not seen any evidence that they’re equipped for this negotiation,” he added. “We have to realize that there’s nothing more complex than nuclear negotiations, there’s no place in the world more volatile than the Korean peninsula, you cannot just approach this like a reality show.”

The Obama aide’s harsh rhetoric comes just days after President Trump announced his intention to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by May; praising the diplomatic breakthrough after the despot vowed to “freeze” his nuclear program and halt future missile tests.