THIS IS REAL: Hillary Calls for DC Statehood Because Their Team Won the World Series

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.31.19

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joined the growing chorus of Democratic lawmakers advocating for DC statehood Thursday; saying they should become the 51st state because the Washington Nationals won the World Series.

“World Series champs should get statehood,” posted Clinton on social media.

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser installed dozens of ‘51-Star’ US flags along Pennsylvania Avenue earlier this year; demanding the federal district be granted statehood and equal representation in Congress.

“DC veterans have served and died for their country, yet they lack representation in Congress. Join us tomorrow as we raise the 51 star flag, honor our vets and rally behind DC statehood,” posted the Mayor on social media.

“The nation’s capital has lined Pennsylvania Avenue with 51-star American flags as the city of Washington, D.C. prepares for a hearing on statehood this week. Roughly 140 flags were put up by District Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office and can be seen down Pennsylvania Avenue NW lining the space between the White House and the U.S. Capitol,” reports Fox News.

“The bill calls for districtwide elections of two senators and one House representative. It says all district territory would be included in the declaration, save for specific exclusions of federal buildings and monuments, such as the White House,” adds Fox.

“It’s both powerful & subtle to see 51-star flags on Pennsylvania Ave today,” posted the Council of DC.