THIS IS CNN: Network Regular Says God ‘CLEANING UP’ After Fatal GOP Train Wreck

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.31.18

A CNN regular and liberal author thanked the heavens for a fatal train wreck Wednesday, saying God was “working hard today” to “clean up” the GOP mess just a day after the President’s annual State of the Union address.

Jonathan Tasini, a CNN regular and left-wing writer, made the vicious comments on social media after reports that a train carrying GOP lawmakers struck a large garbage truck, killing one and sending two to the hospital.

“Wow, btwn train full of Goopers hitting truck and this, God is working hard today to clean up the stink. Thank her. #TreyGowdy #goptrainwreck,” tweeted Tasini before deleting it.

The commentator was referring to recent reports that GOP lawmaker Trey Gowdy will not seek re-election at the end of his term.

Tasini issued a tacit apology a short time later, saying “apologies people” before slamming the GOP’s “deep racism.”

“Apologies people. It was poked out in midst of convo w 2 colleagues on the deep racism/hypocrisy/criminality promoted by GOP or as GOPer Amanda Carpenter says, gaslighting of America . Deleting,” he posted.