THIS IS CNN: Network Contributor ‘Wanted More Trump Jokes’ at 90th Academy Awards

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.05.18

The full-fledged anti-Trump meltdown at CNN continued Monday, with network contributor Ana Navarro saying she was “disappointed” in the lack of anti-Trump jokes and “NRA messages” at the 90th annual Academy Awards.

Navarro was speaking with the hosts of ABC’s ‘The View’ when she weighed-in on the weekend’s star-studded Oscars ceremony; saying she “can’t stand Trump” and wished their had been more jokes made at the President’s expense.

“I just want to know; do you care about Trump supporters watching?” asked co-host Meghan McCain. “It all feels so political all the time, it feels very anti-Trump and very anti-Republican.”

“I actually was watching for more Trump jokes, more NRA messages, more of that stuff. You know, I can’t stand Trump. I was actually disappointed,” Navarro said. “So, I think a lot of people even before the Oscars began were already talking about how insufferable the Oscars were going to be because there were going to be so political. There was a lot of preamble to the Oscars.”

“It kind of let me down,” Navarro added. “I wanted more Trump jokes, I wanted more Mike Pence jokes.”

Watch Navarro’s comments below:

h/t Daily Caller

BEHAR GOES NUCLEAR: The View Host Calls Pence’s CHRISTIAN FAITH a ‘Mental Illness’

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.13.18

Left-leaning comedian Joy Behar viciously attacked Vice President Mike Pence’s faith on Tuesday, equating his faith to a “mental illness” and mocking the former Governor of Indiana’s steadfast belief in the power of prayer.

The comic’s intolerant rant began after ‘The View’ played a clip of former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman discussing the Vice President’s faith, where she baselessly claimed on reality television that “Jesus tells him to say things.”

“He’s not very popular at all,” said cohost Sunny Hostin. “I think when you have a Mike Pence who now sort of puts this religious veneer on things and calls people ‘values voters,’ I think we’re in a dangerous situation.”

“It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you,” added Behar. “That’s called mental illness if I’m not correct, he’s hearing voices.”

Watch Behar’s vicious comments above.


posted by Hannity Staff - 1.24.18

CNN anchor Don Lemon unloaded on President Trump Tuesday night, viciously blaming the Commander-in-Chief for death threats leveled at the cable news network; breathlessly claiming the suspect was inspired by Trump’s repeated references to “fake news.”

“This story hits close to home. A Michigan man has been arrested after he allegedly made numerous calls to CNN headquarters in Atlanta threatening to kill this network’s employees,” said Lemon.

“There’s nothing random about this. Nothing. This is what happens when the President of the United States -Donald Trump- repeatedly attacks members of the press simply for reporting facts he does not like,” he added.

“Mr. President, I’m going to speak directly to you. We are not the enemy. We are not trying to silence you. It’s the job of the free press to report the facts, to ask question, tough questions, ones you don’t like,” said the CNN anchor. “When you make that baseless and incendiary charge, be aware that people are listening to you, some very dangerous people.”

Watch Lemon’s vicious accussations above.

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