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This 2-in-1 Wireless Phone Charger Also Keeps Your Coffee Warm: Now $15 Off

posted by Mark Myerson - 4.13.21

Before you sit down for work in the morning, you probably make a hot drink. When you arrive at your desk, you might also put your phone on charge.

Either way, the OMNIA Q Hot has you covered. This neat little accessory works either as a wireless charging pad for your phone or a cup warmer for your coffee. It’s normally priced at $65, but Hannity viewers can get it today for only $49.99, or about $15 off.

If your phone supports Qi wireless charging, adding a charging pad to your desk is a smart move. Instead of constantly messing around with plugs and getting tangled, you can simply place your phone down when the battery is running low. 

The OMNIA Q Hot automatically detects when you put a compatible device on the pad. It then provides fast power with an output of up to 15 watts. The charger can be powered from any USB supply, and it cuts off after four hours to prevent overheating and over-charging.

If you don’t need to charge your phone, you can use the same pad to warm your drink. To use this feature, you just swap to a more powerful 18W QC power adapter and attach the provided Sticky Cup heat pad to your favorite ceramic, steel, or glass mug. Then, simply place your drink on the OMNIA Q Hot; it will retain the heat up to 131°F, keeping your drink toasty all morning long. 

Order today for just $49.99 to get this useful, multifunctional desktop accessory and save 23% on the MSRP.


OMNIA Q Hot Wireless Charging Cup Heater (Power Adapter Included) – $49.99

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Take Additional 20% Off This Discounted iPhone 12 Charger

posted by Mark Myerson - 12.24.20

The freshly released iPhone 12 is a hot commodity and if you’re fortunate enough to own one already, you understand the difference it makes in accomplishing daily tasks. Whether you’re utilizing this device for work purposes, entertainment value, or keeping up to date on the latest news, once you get used to that remarkable blend of convenience and performance, it’s difficult to go without those resources. 

Don’t let low battery slow you down or eliminate your ability to be fully functional while on the go. Discover a proactive solution to those potential problems with the MagSafe Wireless Charging Cable and 20W Adapter for iPhone 12. This powerful pair guarantees a quick charge for your newest phone with less of the hassle, and by using sitewide promo code HOLIDAY20 you’ll slash 20 percent off an already reduced price, a not-bad way to ring in the new year.

This answer to your charging needs is equipped with magnets that will lock your phone in securely, so there are no concerns of a costly tumble or a slight slip that can eliminate the power connection. Since the process is wireless, you can also forget about those annoying tangled messes that complicate the process or frayed cables that can kill the efficiency of such devices.

The 20W power adapter ensures powerful and safe charging. Portable and durable, it allows for easy storage and is a perfect part of your technological arsenal when traveling long-distance or even just for the day. Don’t head to the office without it.

This charging setup is compatible with all forms of the iPhone 12, including the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max. Its lifespan means you won’t need to waste time and money searching for another option anytime soon.

Use coupon code HOLIDAY20 to get this impressive iPhone wireless charging cable and adapter for an extra 20 percent off the sale price of $32.99, dropping the cost to just $26.39.


MagSafe Wireless Charging Cable + 20W Adapter for iPhone 12 – $32.99

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Power Up Four Devices at Once With This Versatile Wireless Charger: Now 31% off MSRP

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.04.21

With multiple devices to charge every night, you may notice your nightstand getting a little cluttered. Finding the right charger for each device is also an unwanted hassle.

With charging pads for all your devices, the 4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger provides a neat home for your tech. It’s normally priced at $60, but you can get the charger today for just $40.95 in a special deal for Hannity viewers. 

By building upwards, the 4-in-1 charger is able to save space on your nightstand or desk. The whole dock measures just 3.5 inches deep, but it provides secure charging spots for multiple devices.

Your phone goes onto an upright podium, which allows you to check your messages and choose podcasts with ease. This stand also rotates through 360 degrees. 

If you have a second phone to charge, you can place it on the base, which also acts as a charging pad.

Another podium provides a charging place for your smartwatch, and there is a special dock for your wireless earbuds. In both cases, you can use the wireless charger supplied with your device.

The charger works with any Qi-compatible device, including Apple and Android smartphones. A silicone base provides a secure footing, and the charger has a generous 3.9-foot cable.

Order today for just $40.95 to get the 4-in-1 charger at 31% off the standard retail price.


4-in-1 Versatile Wireless Charger – $40.95

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Prices subject to change 

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